Virtual Sessions, Open House, and Accepted Student Events

Thank you for your interest in Clark Graduate program events. You can register for any of these events by choosing the available session on the calendar below. 

At our open house and virtual sessions, you’ll get an in-depth introduction to our graduate programs whether you meet us in-person or online. We also host accepted student events on-campus, across the U.S., and around the world each spring.

Virtual Sessions: Learn about Clark's graduate programs, the admissions and financial aid processes, and being a graduate student at Clark. These are open to all prospective students and their families. We also offer application workshops for those that would like more specific information on the application process. Duration: 30 - 45 minutes. 

Open House:

At our Open House, you will be treated to:

  • A personalized tour of our beautiful campus
  • An overview of our program offerings and curriculum
  • Opportunities to meet with faculty, staff, and current students
  • An admissions session with advice on how to submit a strong application
  • A Campus Resource Fair to explore all your options 

Accepted Student Days: You’re invited to join us and your fellow classmates at one of our Accepted Student Days. Celebrate with your new peers and faculty, learn about academic and graduate life, and take a tour of campus if you attend the Worcester event. These events are offered on-campus, as well as cities around the U.S. and internationally. More information can be found by clicking here

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